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There are so many awesome resources available to enhance your knowledge of positive psychology. If you’ve got a spare few minutes or want to know what to read next I’ve listed a few of our favourites.

Useful books

Positive Psychology

FlourishingMartin Seligman

The How of HappinessSonja Lyubomirsky

Love 2.0Barbara Fredrickson 

Hardwiring happinessRick Hanson

Positive Psychology in a nutshellIllona Boniwell

MindsetCarol Dweck

FlowMihalyi Csikszentmihalyi

Positive Business

Firms of EndearmentRaj Sisodia, David Wolfe & Jag Sheth

The Positive OrganisationRobert Quinn

How to be a positive leaderJane Dutton & Gretchen Spreitzer

Practicing positive leadershipKim Cameron 

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry / A positive revolution in changeDavid Cooperrider & Diana Whitney


The Happiness Track : Emma Seppala

The Upside of Stress : Kelly McGonigal

Grit : Angela Duckworth

Mindfull Work : David Gelles

Originals : Adam Grant

Presence : Amy Cuddy

Useful websites

Centre of Positive Organisations (University of Michigan)


The Positive Psychology Program


The Compassion Lab


Five keys to Flourishing










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